our founder

Founding a skin care line was never part of my life plan. But that changed one day, thanks to an infomercial.
I was home on my first maternity leave when I came across an ad for a skincare product that claimed it was capable of “DNA rejuvenation.” As a medical researcher and a science writer, I knew this company, like so many others, was making impossible anti-aging promises to sell women overpriced products they didn’t need. At that point, I decided I’d had enough of a skincare industry that didn’t respect women’s intelligence. It was my husband who suggested I do something about it, and so I did.
I set out to make a “no BS” skincare line that is honest, smart, affordable, and effective; one that respects women’s judgement, and rises to their level to educate them about the best ways to care for their skin; one that saves women time and money so they can focus on their important work in the world.
Beauty with Brains is the result. Our simple and effective products give women beautiful skin to reflect the beauty of their intelligence.

our misson

Create eco-friendly products that always benefit skin and guide women to adopt healthy skincare and lifestyle habits.

our vision

Inspire women to let their intelligence be their beauty.

our values

  • Be yourself
  • Have an opinion
  • Do random acts of kindness
  • Always be growing
  • Be honest and humble
  • Be a good person
  • Have fun
  • We are a family

our products

Our products are formulated with both natural and synthetic ingredients.  We choose ingredients solely based on their proven effectiveness.  We also mix actives in certain combinations to make them work even better together.

There are no irritating ingredients, no fragrance (including essential oils) of any kind, and no artificial colour—any smell or colour is coming directly from the actives.  And as much as we can, we choose eco-friendly, EcoCert certified ingredients as they become available.  We also ensure that the actives in our products are well protected and remain potent with proper packaging (opaque bottles, tubes and airless pumps).

Our products are cruelty—free, and only our sunscreens are tested on humans to assure adequate SPF and broad-spectrum guarantee. We do not use preservatives.  Instead, we use a biocide to keep microorganisms from be able to grow and multiply. This is in contrast to traditional preservatives, such as parabens, which kill bacteria.